About Us

About Us

Welcome to El Salsabor Restaurants! On March 03, 2006 we opened our doors at 2262 Venice Blvd in Los Angeles and have since expanded to the East Los Angeles at Lorena street . Two brother founding members of El Salsabor), Jose Alvarez and Angel Alvarez have remained committed to serve as an ambassador of this style of cooking — whether at our tables or as they and staff travel and prepare menus at events around the state. The various ethnic roots of El Salvador continue to inspire new dishes featuring local flavors and locally grown products.

Through the years, at every new development, creativity, passion and good food remain at the heart of what we do. But as we’ve grown, we’ve come to learn that we are much more than just a restaurant. We’ve naturally evolved into a place of learning, appreciation and service to our community. We’re about embracing and investing in Los Angeles — its land, its culture, its people, its future. There is truly an aloha spirit here in the community and we hope to perpetuate that in all we do.

Close to heart are the relationships we’ve made with our community to provide with fresh home cooking and delicious food.

In this way, we embrace “Taste El Salsabor” at every level — the ingredients we use, the dishes we prepare, the relationships we build and the service we bring. And, we look forward to sharing all of this with you!

Hamburger Special

Comes with french fries and your choice of canned soda!

Pancake Special

Two pancakes, two eggs, and two bacon strips or two sausage links!


Two fried corn shells with your choice of beef or chicken!